Teflon Mesh Belt

Teflon Mesh Belt

PTFE Teflon mesh conveyor belt   Our company introduces advanced imported looms, which are made of high-quality imported glass fiber and Kevlar (Aramid) as high-strength mesh base fabric, and then coated with high-quality Teflon resin. A base fabric made of a Teflon (PTFE) mesh conveyor belt.

Product Details

The main features of the Teflon mesh belt:

1. Temperature resistance - from low temperature -140 ° C to high temperature 260 ° C, the highest temperature resistance can reach 360 ° C or more.

2. Breathability - the air permeability of the conveyor belt, reducing the heat source cost, and improving the drying efficiency

3. Corrosion resistance - not affected by most chemicals and solvents

4. Anti-adhesive - almost all adhesives such as resin, paint, chemicals, etc. can be easily removed

5. Bending fatigue resistance - High tensile strength and bending fatigue resistance, can be used for smaller rounds.



Application range of Teflon mesh cloth

Textile printing and dyeing, printing and drying guide tape, screen printing, UV drying, UV series light curing machine, offset printing machine, loose dryer, non-woven drying machine, high frequency dryer, food baking machine guide belt , temperature control drying room, fast drying of flux type ink and drying of general water-containing items.



Teflon mesh conveyor belt joints are mainly cattle nose joints.

Teflon belt joints are available in a variety of ways, such as butt joints, lap joints, thin lap joints, and steel joints.

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