Conveyor Belt Vs Chain

Conveyor Belt Vs Chain

Washing machine chain plate Stainless steel conveyor chain plate Punching chain plate Specifications on demand

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product information

Category: Double pitch roller chain for transmission

Material: Stainless steel


Model: can be customized

Order number: 007

Item No.: 007

Whether to import: No

Standard number: 007

Scope of application: industry

Chain pitch: 38.1p

Washing machine chain plate Stainless steel conveyor chain plate Punching chain plate Specifications on demand

Main features of the product: special functions such as flat surface, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good air permeability, no deformation, and durability.

    The mesh belt mainly includes: various conveyor belts, metal mesh belts, stainless steel mesh belts, high temperature resistant mesh belts, wave string mesh belts, B-shaped mesh belts, Great Wall mesh belts, horseshoe chains, special-shaped mesh belts, chain transmission mesh belts. , flat wire mesh belt, square hole mesh belt, herringbone conveyor belt, spiral mesh belt, rod chain conveyor belt, drying equipment mesh belt, filter net, isolation net, demister tortoise shell net, punching Net, heat treatment net, suitable for spraying equipment, ultrasonic washing equipment, food production and transportation equipment, freezing tunnel, glassware annealing furnace, ceramic equipment furnace, electronic industrial picture tube and printed circuit board annealing line, special equipment for high temperature resistance, Sintering furnace mesh belt, tempering furnace mesh belt, quenching furnace mesh belt, annealing furnace mesh belt, reduction furnace mesh belt, furnace brazing furnace mesh belt and other equipment.

    The chain mainly includes: the chain can be divided into short pitch precision roller chain, short pitch precision roller chain, heavy duty transmission curved roller chain, cement machinery chain, plate chain. High-strength chain and high-strength chain rigging series, professionally used in engineering supporting, manufacturing supporting, production line supporting and special environment supporting use.

    Main specifications of mesh belt: crankshaft type, straight shaft type, diamond shape, ultra-thin flattening, double-strand spiral type.

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