Rubber Conveyor Belt For Carton/printing

Rubber Conveyor Belt For Carton/printing

(Product type) NBE - Y70 / D Technical belt data sheet Note The above data is all in the standard conditions (temperature 23 humidity 50%). The results obtained through laboratory tests are not necessarily the same as the actual use of the product, so the data is only for the examination Shipping 1....

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(Product type) NBE-Y70/D

Technical belt data sheet:

XINBEX rubber conveyor belting material suppliers good qualiy and price for carton conveying production line NBE-Y70/D  is made of rubber material, rough top surface,   widely use in corrugate paper/carton/box folder production line.


Yellow grass conveyor belt

Rubber grass conveyor belt

Rough grass conveyor belt


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1. Xiamen Xinbex Factory&Tread Belt co.,LTD offers not only excellent products, but also continuous innovation and service, including: Reduce cost solutions, cooperate with customers to develop and apply new solutions, improve efficiency solutions, energy saving and environmental protection solutions

2. Founded in 1998, Xinbex is a professional industrial belt company integrating r&d, production and service, with its own brand XINBEX, introducing advanced technology and production equipment.


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