Teflon High Temperature Tape

Teflon High Temperature Tape

Teflon high temperature resistant cloth, also known as Teflon conveyor belt or Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt. It is made of high-quality imported glass fiber as woven material, plain, twill, satin or other weave woven into glass fiber cloth substrate, and then fully impregnated and coated with high-quality Teflon resin through unique process technology. Production of various thicknesses of Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt - Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt. According to the different materials and processing technology, our company provides Teflon high temperature resistant cloth conveyor belt with different grades of antistatic and insulation, high surface quality and high tensile strength - Teflon high temperature cloth conveyor belt.

Product Details

Teflon high temperature tape

Teflon tape uses glass fiber fabric as the substrate, coated with PTFE emulsion dried glass fiber cloth, and then coated with high temperature silica gel

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Product data:
1.Whether double-sided tape:NO
2.Features: Good heat resistance and mechanical strength. Non-adhesive surface has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, and corrosion resistance
3.Sealing: Sealing machine, battery, roller, glass screen
4.Application: Widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, compound, sealing and heat sealing, electronics and electrical appliances, pipes and other industrie 


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