Printed LOGO Treadmill Belt

Printed LOGO Treadmill Belt

Treadmill belt, PVC material, surface diamond pattern, anti-slip effect

Product Details

Product detailed parameters: treadmill with pattern black

Application industry: sports and fitness industry and other transportation industries

Product material: black PVC diamond pattern two cloth two plastic treadmill belt

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Because the conveyor belt is a customized product, it is affected by factors such as length, width, thickness, and processing method. The price is not the same. Please contact customer service for details.

Product parameters

Product nameDiamond pattern running belt
structureOne cloth and one glue
Surface hardness70
1% extended5N/m
Minimum roller20mm
Operating temperature-10/+80
Maximum production width2000mm
Delivery methodRoller & plate
characteristicLateral stability

In general, business running belts are mostly dark-colored (black-based), and home running belts are more selective, depending on consumer demand.

Product display


The treadmill belt offers a choice of colors and a variety of textures, in addition to the usual diamond patterns, as well as fine grass, tire prints, golf patterns, etc.


product details

The glue is overlapped with the cloth layer to make it last longer and the thickness can be customized.image

Surface diamond pattern, wear-resistant anti-slipimage

Industrial polyester has large bra, strong lateral stabilityimage

Hot-melt toothed joint, excellent stability and stabilityimage

The details are not afraid to enlarge, because of the strength, it will be more professional.



Running test


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