Marble Ceramic Mill Conveyor Belt

Marble Ceramic Mill Conveyor Belt

One-way soft tooth, hardness 55 degrees sky blue 12.0PVC
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Product Details

Name: Marble Ceramic Mill Conveyor Belt

Material: pvc

Specifications: customized according to customer requirements



Uses: dedicated to conveying equipment

Features: Artificial marble and artificial quartz stone special conveyor belt (1.2mm thick PVC material), marble and ceramic polishing machine conveyor belt, ceramic scraper conveyor belt, ceramic printing machine, ceramic waxing machine, ceramic secondary cloth machine Special belts, AT20 edger belts, skirt baffle belts for hoists, red PU V-belts (surface-processable PVC pattern leather), and various types of PU round belts. Now it is mainly supplied to ceramic industry manufacturers in Foshan, Fujian and Zibo, Guangdong. The advantages of the above belts are: 1. Longitudinal fiber stability; 2. High tensile strength; 3. Flat joints, uniform thickness and firmness; 4. Wear-resistant, and can be customized according to different sizes of customers. Due to different product specifications, the above product price attributes are for reference only. Since the details of the electricity or email online consultation, we sincerely look forward to working with you.

Shopping protection notice:

Industrial belts are non-standard products, the actual price is calculated according to the size of the customer, please contact customer service inquiry!

When contacting customer service inquiry, please provide the material of the belt. Width Width Thickness, if there are other requirements: punching Add glue/sponge plus guide bar.