Large Diamond Sander Conveyor Belt

Large Diamond Sander Conveyor Belt

The large diamond conveyor belt is also called a large square conveyor belt. It is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and polyester fabric with a thickness of 9mm and an upper rubber surface of 6mm.

Product Details

*product structure*

Structure: Three cloth three glue 

Color: Black

Number of layers: 3 layers 

Fiber type: Polyester yarn with lateral stability

Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Pattern: Large diamond

Gloss: Bright

*Technical data*

Total thickness (mm): 9.8

Total weight (KG/m2): 8.0 

Stretching strength (N/mm) 30

Minimum pulley diameter (mm): 160

 Allowable operating temperature range (°C) -10~70

Conveying method (R=Roller S=Plate T=Slot shape): RS Production width (mm): Within 10M (no need to connect in 3M)

Lateral stability: Yes Food grade: ●

Low noise: 阻燃 Flame retardant: ●

Antistatic properties: ● Punch/skirt/baffle: ●

●=No √=Yes


The large square conveyor belt has the same pattern, uniform thickness and thinness, wear-resistant rubber surface, stable operation, stable size, anti-sliding shock absorption, high friction and strong adsorption


The joint mode of the large square conveyor belt is generally international tooth joint, the joint is flat and seamlessly ringed, ensuring high precision of the sanding machine, uniform thickness, high elasticity and maximum flatness, and smooth sliding on the workbench.


Features of the large diamond conveyor belt:

△ Temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, high tensile strength and low elongation

△ Longitudinal softness, lateral toughness, good elasticity, stable size and stable operation

△ The bottom surface can be added with guide bars

△ The cover layer is made of thick elastic body, and the special pattern is pressed.

△ High friction coefficient, can effectively absorb the workpiece

△ Effectively store and remove wood chips generated during processing


The composition and characteristics of the dairy line system

 The dairy line system from the inner packaging material through the manual palletizing machine to the roller conveyor line from the forklift truck until all the inner packaging materials are sent to the production point of the production vehicle (including empty pallets back to the warehouse). The inner packaging material is placed in the package material (including the paper roll and the paper box) which is in direct contact with the dairy product. Therefore, there is a certain requirement for the cleanliness in the delivery warehouse, so the automated stereo storage is used. In addition, the inner packaging material library also has the function of external adjustment of the packaging material and the empty idler roller. It is mainly composed of the following conveyors:

At the end connected to the production workshop, the AGV (Unmanned Handling Vehicle) automatically sends the package directly to the designated location of the aseptic filling machine, and the empty tray is returned to the package library by the AGV. The AGV is laser guided and consists of an AGV trolley with a transport and transfer mechanism, a ground navigation system, an online automatic charging system, a peripheral conveyor system, an AGV console and a communication system. The system automatically places the accessories into the automatic handling of the suspension car, and the accessories are accurately sent to the workshop accessories. The auxiliary material warehouse is located across the road from the production workshop and is a driving-in warehouse for storing cartons and straws. The auxiliary library has an elevation of 5 meters at the bottom and an air length of 30 meters.

The demand for each line of cartons is 834 pieces per hour for Tetra Pak and 500 pieces per hour for Combibloc. The handling of carton and straw to the production shop's cartoning machine and pipe-laying machine is carried out by using an airborne unmanned automatic transporting suspension vehicle. The aerial unmanned automated vehicle uses a single track suspension mechanism that runs on a circular main track. The entire computer monitoring and management system can realize unified management of the finished product automation library, the internal packaging material automation library and the auxiliary material library. The finished product automation library and the package automation library require automatic online control, monitoring and management, including the warehouse warehousing logistics information management system, the automated warehouse control and monitoring system, and the automated warehouse control execution system. Among them, warehouse warehouse logistics information management system has warehousing management, outbound management, inventory management, data collection, quality inspection management, batch management, query statistics, system management, storage management, human resource management, early warning, correction, humanity Functional modules such as the operation interface.

1. Complete the three-dimensional library operation under the unified command of the computer, realize the automatic management of the goods in and out of the warehouse, automatically complete the data maintenance, query, modification, clearing report, inventory analysis, report printing, etc., and dynamically display the device status. , location and completion of work, fault conditions, alarm information, and the distribution of inventory goods.

2. When entering the warehouse, the system freely allocates the cargo space. According to the principle of bottom-up, you can also specify any cargo space. When you leave the warehouse, in principle, according to the registration order (inbound date and batch number), that is, advanced first The principle of the out.

3. The computer monitoring system adopts a full Chinese graphic interface, which has good openness, and the system function is easy to modify and redevelop.


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