Samsung Triangle Belt

Samsung Triangle Belt

Supply Japan Samsung Triangle Belt Food Machinery Special Conveyor Belt

Product Details

Brand: MITSUBOSHI / Samsung

Model: SPZ

Drive belt type: V-belt

Material: rubber

Number of teeth: 63

Applicable objects: car, motorcycle, sander, sterilizer, conveyor, annealing furnace, dishwasher, bonding machine, dryer, inkjet printer, packaging machinery, food machinery, mining equipment, other

Custom processing: Yes


The V-belt is a common name for the V-belt. The belt drive is a kind of flexible transmission. It has the following features: simple structure, suitable for occasions with large center-to-center distance, flexible tape, cushioning vibration absorption, smooth and noise-free transmission. It can slip during overload, prevent damage of weak parts, and play a safety protection function, but can not maintain accurate transmission ratio; the transmission belt needs to be tensioned on the pulley, and the pressure on the shaft and bearing is large.


   The standard V-belt is made into a jointless ring, and its cross section is composed of a strong layer 1, a stretched layer 2, a compressed layer 3 and a wrap layer 4. The stretched layer and the compressed layer are composed of a rubber material, and the cloth layer is made of rubber canvas. Composition, the strength layer is the main body that bears the load, and is divided into two types: a cord structure (composed of a rubber cord fabric) and a cord structure (composed of a rubber cord). The structure of the cord has a high tensile strength, and the V-belt for general use mostly adopts such a structure. The wire rope structure is relatively soft, and the bending fatigue strength is good, but the tensile strength is low, and it is often used in a case where the load is not large, the pulley having a small diameter, and the rotation speed are high. When the V-belt is bent on the pulley under the specified tension, the outer layer is stretched and lengthened, the inner layer is compressed and shortened, and a neutral layer of constant length exists between the two layers, which is formed along the neutral layer. Face called noodles,



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