Conveyor Belt With Vacuum

Conveyor Belt With Vacuum

Introduction of flue gas purification method in rubber conveyor belt factory The tape factory often produces a small amount of flue gas and odor in the rubber mixing workshop. These exhaust gases will pollute the environment. The flue gas purification equipment of the tape factory is designed and installed by Hebei Yonglan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. for the rubber factory. Exhaust gas treatment, vulcanization workshop odor treatment Our company uses the simple and direct way of exhaust gas adsorption to purify the exhaust gas.

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Introduction of waste gas treatment methods in rubber conveyor belt factory:



    The exhaust gas passes through the spray cleaning tower first, and the dust tower removes the dust in the exhaust gas by using the spray tower to purify the filter itself.

2. Activated carbon adsorption

    The exhaust gas after removing the dust is uniformly passed through the activated carbon layer in the fixed adsorption bed, wherein the organic pollutant is adsorbed by the huge surface of the activated carbon, so that the exhaust gas is purified, and the purified gas reaches the standard discharge; each set has three adsorption beds. That is, the exhaust gas passes through the two adsorption beds, and the other is in the desorption regeneration stage, so that the adsorption process can be continuously performed without affecting the workshop production.

Working principle of activated carbon adsorption tower device:

The activated carbon adsorption tower device is mainly composed of an activated carbon layer and a support layer. Activated carbon has developed voids, large specific surface area, and high adsorption capacity. It is precisely because of this characteristic of activated carbon that it is widely used in the deep treatment of water, such as domestic water supply, deep treatment of water in the latter stage (clean water). Our company makes full use of the good adsorption of activated carbon to remove the odor in the air. The activated carbon adsorption device, activated carbon adsorption device, activated carbon adsorption tower, activated carbon adsorption tower and activated carbon adsorber can be used for one-time acceptance. .



The exhaust gas technology independently developed by our company is several times more efficient than the traditional exhaust gas treatment technology, and the wind resistance of the equipment is small, which greatly saves the cost of equipment operation; installation, operation and maintenance are very convenient. And the series of products developed by our company have passed the explosion-proof test, which fully meets the safety requirements of the factory and the construction site.

 Baoding Rubber Conveyor Factory Flue Gas Purification Method Introduction Industrial Exhaust Gas Adsorption Device Manufacturer

   Field inspection: Inspect the exhaust gas status at the factory and workshop, and analyze the source composition and gas production of the exhaust gas, the content and characteristics of various substances in the exhaust gas according to the process production process of the plant. The roots are tailored to local conditions, case-handling, and targeted. At the same time, we strive to reduce the operating cost of waste gas treatment and save energy consumption in chemical waste gas treatment equipment. Professional engineering and technical personnel to install and debug. Turnkey projects.

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