Conveyor Belt In Airport

Conveyor Belt In Airport

With the rapid development of the global economy in recent years, baggage transmission is as fast as flying. Part of the value of the airport is reflected through ground services. Getting your baggage at the desired location and at the desired time is an important part of the process of providing satisfactory service to air travellers. Baggage handling systems must meet high requirements and reliability. This also sets the test standard for the quality of the mechanical components of the baggage handling system. Airport baggage delivery time should be minimized, and machine downtime can only be calculated in minutes.

Product Details

Airport baggage handling system, airport baggage conveyor line.


Processing customization: Yes

 Sample or spot :sample 

Standard parts :Non-standard parts

Whether to import :No 


Material :PVC 

Conveyor belt type :Endless conveyor belt 

Applicable environment: Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, non-slip, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion



When ordering, please specify the basic technical parameters such as belt speed, bandwidth, conveying distance, conveying weight, conveying goods, inclination angle, material characteristics, working environment and stacking angle.

Product NameHigh Quality Polyester Heavy Duty PU/PVC coveyor belt

pvc conveyor beltPatterncustomized
Thickness ( mm ) customizedNumber of Layer2
Belt width ( mm )3000mmWeight ( g/m² )2.4kgs
Colorblack/green/blue and so on.Mini Pulley Diameter ( mm )40mm
Temperature ( °C )-10/+80Tensile for 1% Elongation ( N/mm )10mm
Working conditioninclined conveying, common conveying
Featurehigh friction
ApplicationsAirport logistics
Special processingNon

Our airport baggage conveyor belt has the following advantages:

1: PVC hardness 80shore, strong flame retardant, in line with DIN-ISO-AFNOR standards;

2: The surface is anti-static, with low noise technology, the machine is quiet (less than 65dba), and it can keep running smoothly at high speed;

3: The bottom fabric is treated by PU impregnation to reduce the friction, so that the conveyor belt is faster and smoother during the operation, and the service life of the conveyor belt is improved;

4: The conveyor belt has extremely high reliability and working efficiency, and the actual operating speed can reach 1 m/s during the conveying process;

Technical Services: We have sufficient inventory and processing plants to process at any time according to customer specifications and sizes.

Airport Conveyor Belt

Packing and shipping

We use PE film and carton packaging



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