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Conveyor Belt Canada

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PVC conveyor belt

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conveyor belt

Product Features: + Good chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance and UV radiation resistance

   + Available in flame retardant and antistatic PVC and food grade PVC

   + Low toughness at low temperatures, limited wear resistance and limited resistance to solvents and greases

   + Plasticizer migration (except food grade PVC)

Material introduction: PVC has good anti-biohazard and chemical resistance, and is easy to process, so it is widely used. PVC can be used in sewer and other piping applications where metal materials cannot be used due to cost or corrosion. With the addition of impact modifiers and stabilizers, it has become a popular door and window frame material. By adding a plasticizer, it can become soft enough to be used as a wire insulation for the cable.





Conveyor belt custom design ● Make you feel refreshed


Design has degree · Surface pattern customization

A well-designed conveyor surface (pattern) supports the safe transport of the goods and the process of using the belt. In order to provide a suitable belt for each conveying or processing application, careful screening is required.

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Custom matching · Conveyor material

The surface coating is mainly made of thermoplastic materials such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), elastomer-like rubber, polyurethane (PUR), etc., or fiberglass.


Tensile strength · Tensile strength layer

The strength level of each belt is determined by its tensile layer material or fiber composition. Fibers are usually embedded in the polymer to protect them from external factors such as humidity or light, as well as mechanical damage such as abrasion.

6 major product features ● Create your own custom conveyor belt


Horizontal transport

Even if the transport task seems simple, there are still many requirements for the conveyor belt. Mingcheng Transmission offers the best belt type for all kinds of items, conveying speed, start-stop conveying and stacking conveying


Hill climbing transport

The climbing of the item can be carried out even on a smooth belt surface. The delivery angle depends on a number of factors, such as the type of product being shipped, the surface coating and external factors.


Turning conveyor belt

The curved conveyor belt is designed for high lateral and longitudinal flexibility, ensuring optimum distribution of forces inside the belt. The turning conveyor belt can be perforated at the edges for connection tracking systems.


Processing belt

The ordinary conveying function from "A" to "B" in the production process can be combined with the process function.


Collection and distribution

Horizontal picker for distribution centers. High acceleration requires a very high coefficient of friction on the belt surface.


Other special uses

In addition to providing you with conventional conveyor belts, XINBEX can also be manufactured to your conveyor belt according to your other special requirements.




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