Conveyor Belt In Food Trade

Conveyor belts used in the food industry must meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene standards. Specifically, it is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, has a smooth surface, can directly contact food, does not occupy sticky food, and does not fade, which is also a basic feature of food conveyor belts. PU material has the characteristics of non-toxic, no odor, smooth surface, etc., and meets food safety standards, while PVC material contains harmful substances to the human body and has a certain viscosity on the surface. Therefore, the material of the food conveyor belt is mainly PU material, of course, there are a few other materials, such as stainless steel. Food conveyor belts are also required in terms of color. Because the food conveyor belt should prevent color loss, it is generally white without special requirements. The manufacturer of the Qingchuan conveyor belt also recommends a white conveyor belt for the food industry. White can also clearly see if the conveyor belt is clean, can clean the conveyor belt in time, and keep the food conveyor belt clean, which is also responsible for health and safety.

Product Details

conveyor belt in food industry

1. material: PU
2. color:  white
3. surface:  PU
4. thickness:1.2mm
Number of fabric:  1 layer
Color:  blue
Number of fiber: 1 layer
Surface Material: PU
Fiber lining:Polyester,with lateral stability
Total thickness(mm): 1.2mm
Weight(Kg/M2): 1.12kgs
Maximum production width(mm): 2000-3000
Maximum tension(N/mm): 8
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 6
Temperature article(°C): -10/+80
Lateral stability:Yes




1.The formula of the product is scientific and reasonable, and it can meet the food hygiene standards and can be in direct contact with food.

2.High-strength polyester cloth with anti-sticking effect

3.Large surface friction, suitable for conveying light food, dough, etc.

4.Adapt to the environment, moderate color, non-toxic and tasteless

5.Oil resistant, corrosion resistant, cold resistant, cut resistant, etc.

6.The baffle is firm and sturdy, beautiful and long lasting. Sample processing according to customers' drawings



1.Reliable and professional manufacturer
2.Advanced production line and technology.
3.Quality certificate
4.Response 24hours service of 365days
5.More competitive price based on the same quality level products
6.More faster delivery time
7.Exported to more than 50 countries with stable quality and received favorable response.
8.Integrity & Professionalism & innovation & Win-Win

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Understand customer needs and provide the most professional conveyor belt customization service for conveyor belt inspection

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On-site belt connection service can be provided according to customer needs

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Provide solutions in case of problems


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