XINBEX Teaches You How To Properly Maintain The Teflon Conveyor Belt

- Nov 02, 2018-

Teflon conveyor belts are also known as Teflon conveyor belts, PTFE conveyor belts, Teflon mesh conveyor belts and Teflon high temperature belts. Teflon mesh conveyor belt has the characteristics that the mesh is easy to breathe, so it is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing and drying conduction belt, screen printing, ultraviolet drying, UV series, light curing machine, offset printing machine, loose drying. Machines, non-woven dryers, high-frequency dryers, food baking machine conduction belts, temperature-controlled drying rooms, fast drying of flux-type inks and drying of general moisture-containing articles.

Teflon high temperature tape has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, small friction coefficient and good insulation. The Teflon high temperature tape produced by Mingcheng Transmission is made of high strength and smooth Teflon high temperature cloth coated with silica gel. Into. It not only has the excellent characteristics of Teflon high temperature cloth, but also has the excellent performance of silica gel. It is widely used in food, chemical, machinery, electrical and electronic, insulation, aerospace and other industries.


Teflon conveyor belt maintenance should pay attention to the nine major issues:

1. The Teflon conveyor belt is preferably lapped with high temperature heat and has the best tensile strength.

2. When transporting materials in the conveyor belt, avoid the surface being covered by the material, causing the rotation to be ineffective, and preventing the leakage of the material between the roller and the tape.

3. It is found that the local damage of the Teflon conveyor belt should be repaired in time to avoid the expansion of the crack.

4. The conveyor belt selection should be reasonable. It is not allowed to use conveyor belts of different varieties, different models and different specifications.


5. Do not bend the conveyor belt to keep the heavy roller and the side baffles flexible.

6. The baffle of the drying equipment should be designed reasonably, safely and effectively, and should not wear the edge of the Teflon mesh conveyor belt.

7. Avoid the conveyor belt from being blocked by the load-bearing rollers, pillars or block materials to prevent breakage and tearing.

8. If the Teflon conveyor belt runs off, measures should be taken to correct it.

Teflon conveyor belts require frequent maintenance and maintenance to increase their service life and maintain their coating adhesion and tensile strength for a long time.