Why Is The Running Belt Offset?

- Aug 17, 2018-

First, the conduction belt itself may not be adjusted well. Secondly, because many people have the problem of light weight on the left and right feet during exercise, the running belt will naturally be biased to the side of the foot. This problem is common, so even a lot The manufacturer said that the treadmill uses a tapered roller to ensure that the running belt will not shift, but the problem of running belt offset will still exist, or the athlete needs to adjust it after a period of time. In case of the above problems, the customer can Use the supplied wrench yourself and try to adjust according to the instructions. If the belt is offset to the right, you can use the Allen key to turn the screw in the right rear cover clockwise by a quarter to observe whether the belt is in place. Continue to fine tune. If it is offset to the right, it is also solved in the same way.