Which Industrial Belt Is Used In The Paper Printing Industry?

- Sep 17, 2018-

When choosing a conveyor belt for the printing press industry, it is necessary to consider whether the conveying surface is suitable for:

1, the quality of paper

2, the quality of printing

3, the quality of cardboard

4, the accumulation of transported objects



It is very likely that a paper-printed belt can be used at a customer, but another customer may become unusable because of the different characteristics of the object being conveyed. There are hundreds of types of paper and cardboard quality, so the quality characteristics of paper and paperboard have an important impact on the selection of the belt.

The paper printing belt provided by the industrial supplies Bottom Net has the following characteristics: high wear resistance, stable, gentle, and reliable grip, no loss of the conveyed paper, no marks on the paper, no scratching of the paper (even It is a paper cutting section of a paper folding machine that has a belt and paper movement. The type of paper has an important influence on the type of printing ink. It must be able to run at high speed, and it needs to be reversely bent and the wheel diameter is too small. When the ring humidity is changed, the belt is not deformed, the operation is not reversed, and the reliable belt interface system is required. Does not attract dust and has a long service life