Where Is The Antistatic Nonwoven Conveyor Belt?

- Jul 12, 2018-

Antistatic conveyor belts are also used in the non-woven fabric industry, especially in the processing of non-woven fabrics.

        Non-woven products are rich in color, bright and beautiful, fashionable and environmentally friendly, widely used, beautiful and elegant, with various patterns and styles, light weight, environmental protection, and recyclability. They are recognized as environmentally friendly products that protect the earth's ecology. Suitable for agricultural film, shoemaking, leather, mattress, quilt, decoration, chemical, printing, automotive, building materials, furniture and other industries, and clothing lining, medical and health disposable surgical gowns, masks, caps, sheets, hotels Disposable tablecloths, beauty, sauna and even today's fashionable gift bags, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags and more. Environmentally friendly products, versatile and economical. Because it looks like a pearl, it is also called a pearl canvas.

        Generally, high-conductivity conveyor belts are used in the non-woven fabric processing industry. Anti-static conveyor belts must be used in the production process.