What Should You Pay Attention To When Installing A Large Angle Belt?

- Jul 11, 2018-

1. The equipment components of the large dip belt conveyor are inspected and transported in place.

The components of the belt conveyor are generally disorderly, including the head frame, the tail frame, and the concave and convex arc frame. The rest are like the intermediate frame, the grooved roller frame, and the idler. The number of the sealing cover is large and chaotic, so it needs to be carefully counted. All components are cleared and shipped in place.

2. Head and tail frame, concave and convex arc frame and intermediate frame are installed and positioned.

First of all, when installing, you should find the anchorage center line, determine the positioning point, then make a wire frame on the nose, use the wire drop, assist the convex arc and the concave line frame at the upper and lower joints, and use a steel wire for belt positioning. Center line. When installing, adjust the head frame, tailstock, and concave and convex arc frame must be based on the positioning center line, and the deviation is allowed within the specifications.

3, the belt runs, adjust the belt deviation

After the belt is laid, the grooved roller, the centering roller and the vertical roller are installed, and the belt is connected to the power supply to adjust the belt distance.

4, large angle belt conveyor accessories installation and bolt fastening

After the belt has been biased, install the sealing cover, head guard, fastening bolts, and polish oil.

The mobile belt conveyor is a continuous conveying and unloading equipment with high work efficiency, safe and reliable use and good mobility. It is mainly used in places where loading and unloading locations are frequently changed. The main features of the mobile belt conveyor are high precision, hard surfaced gears with high load carrying capacity; long service life (up to 10 years); compact structure, small footprint; light weight and small size; especially vertical The transmission structure is more suitable for use in coal mine underground mining machinery.