What Parameters Are Required For Custom Conveyor Belts?

- Jul 03, 2018-

What parameters do you need to customize the conveyor belt to make the conveyor belt you want?

First, the basic parameters

(1) Perimeter: that is, the length of the belt for one week. If the new machine is not equipped with a belt, then we need to tell us the diameter of the main and passive rollers of the machine, the center distance of the two rollers, and the tension adjustment range.

(2) Width: the actual width of the conveyor belt.

(3) Thickness: When you know the type, you need to tell us what the thickness of the conveyor belt is and what the diameter of the drum is. The coils produced by each manufacturer have their own actual thickness. When the drum diameter is suitable for operation, the most suitable thickness is selected.

(4) Pattern: The conveyor has a variety of patterns. Therefore, when selecting the pattern belt, it is necessary to check with the manufacturer's picture, so that you can purchase accurate patterns, especially when you don't know the professional name.

(5) Color: Each industry has a specific color. For example, the food industry is mostly white, and the logistics industry is mostly green and black.

Second, processing requirements

Skirt: There are many kinds of skirt heights, from 10mm to 100mm, the distance from the skirt to the belt edge needs to be told to the manufacturer.

Baffle: The height of the processing baffle, the length of the baffle, and the baffle spacing are important parameters for processing the baffle.

Guide bars: The size of the guide bars is quite large, 6*4, 8*5, 10*6, 13*8, 17*11, etc., and the size of the guide bars needs to be determined according to the size of the wheel slots.

Special processing: special processing of belts, we will make drawings according to your specific requirements, according to the drawings production and processing.