What Is Transport Conveyor Belt

- Dec 19, 2017-

PU Conveyor belt is one of the main parts of belt conveyor

About 60% of the cost of the whole machine. Compared to other forms of transportation,

Adopt belt conveyor has operation safety, easy to use, repair capacity

Easy, low freight and high throughput, transportation and other advantages. In a relatively

Short distance conveying grain, powder and other materials, has other transport forms

An incomparable advantage. Since the birth of the belt conveyor, people

We have been making unremitting efforts to increase the span of the single machine and increase the delivery speed

To develop the width of the conveyor. At present, the world has

The single machine span exceeds 10km, bandwidth over 3m, belt

Large belt conveyor with faster than 4m/s and height control management,

Greatly improved the ability of short distance delivery.