What Is Transmission Belt?

- May 22, 2018-

what is transmission belt?


The transmission belt is the power generated by the rotation of the motor or engine of the prime mover, and is transmitted from the belt to the mechanical equipment through the belt pulley. It is also called a power belt. It is the core connection component of electromechanical equipment. It has a wide range of types and applications. Transmission belt can be divided into flat belt, triangle belt, round belt, metal belt.


High Speed Nylon Sandwich Flat Power Rubber Transmission Belts Design Type Yellow/Green CF20.jpgLooking at the development trend of the world's transmission belt for more than half a century, with the rapid development of global high-tech industrialization, the mainstream of the transmission belt will develop in the direction of miniaturization, precision, and high-speed. Old-fashioned flat belts will be gradually eliminated, and new types of circular flat strips will re-emerge; cutting the V-belt will replace most of the wrapping V-belts, while the V-shaped flat belts, V-ribbed belts, and toothed belts may become New mainstream product. It is the most pressing task to adjust the structure of the transmission belt industry, eliminate old products, develop innovative products, and catch up with the advanced technology level of the world's transmission belts.


The tension of the transmission belt is adjusted by the tensioning wheel. If the belt is too tight, the belt will be seriously worn. If the belt is too loose, slipping occurs easily, causing serious wear or even burning of the belt. The belt tension should be checked during belt use and adjusted at any time. In the operation, the belt pulley may be deformed, cracked, the bearing is worn or the looseness of the key, the wear of the peripheral hole, etc., and the related parts should be promptly repaired or replaced. When maintenance of the harvester is finished after each season, the V-belt should be unloaded, hung in a ventilated and dry place, or the tensioning wheel should be loosened to make the belt relaxed.