What Is The Conveyor Belt Joint Method For Ordinary Conveyor Belts?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Several joint methods commonly used in ordinary conveyor belts!

(1) Mechanical card connection method: When the mechanical card is connected, the strength of the belt will be reduced due to the decrease of the joint strength, which is especially significant for the whole core plastic belt. Therefore, the mechanical card coupling is only suitable for the shorter belt conveyor or It is required to have a short inspection time. The mechanical card is selected according to the thickness of the conveyor belt.

(2) Vulcanization method: the rubber belt is cut into a step shape (one step of each layer of canvas), and the step width is generally equal to 150 mm, which is flattened as shown in the cut and peeling table.Do not damage the canvas layer. Then lick the hair and apply the glue to make the lap joint. Attach the film to the seam at the upper and lower cover rubber, heat and pressurize for vulcanization. The temperature should be about 140 °C, and the temperature should be slow, and Keep the temperature of each point of the vulcanized flat plate evenly. When the holding time is from 140 °C, the canvas layer will reach the holding time, stop heating and let it cool naturally to normal temperature, and the belt conveyor can be used normally.

(3) Cold-adhesive method: according to the requirements, the conveyor belt is cut into steps and flicked, and the surface is cleaned with copper-copper. The two-part conveyor belt special glue is mixed according to the blending ratio on the instruction sheet and evenly slashed. On the peeling layer, both sides should be coated. After the first coating, place it for 5-10 minutes, then apply the second time after the hand touches the adhesive layer without drawing into a segment, and still place it for 10-15 minutes. When the touch glue layer is no longer thin, press the two layers in a stepwise alignment, and use a flat hammer to evenly tamper with the hand; at the seam, flatten with glue, pressurize with pressure, and place it for 24 hours. .

(4) Plasticizing method: For the whole core plastic conveyor belt, the lap length is 300mm when it is wide, 500mm when the bandwidth is 650mm, 500mm, and the upper end of the plastic belt is covered and the other end is restored before plasticizing. Stripped and peeled off,

Conveyor belt joints Conveyor belt joint method summary

Then put a 1mm thick PVC plastic sheet on both ends. Heat and pressurize for plasticization. The temperature should also be slow. Increase from room temperature to about 170 °C in about 30 minutes, pressurize again, then cool to room temperature. Press-out. For multi-layer plastic conveyor belt, can be cut into a stepped shape with reference to the size of the multilayer rubber belt to plasticize.

It should be noted that temperature, pressure and time are the three elements of vulcanization. They vary with the formulation of the compound, temperature, ventilation and other conditions, and the three are related to each other. The values given above are for reference only. The special glue for the conveyor belt for bonding is only for the ordinary canvas conveyor belt. When the belt type is changed, it is also tested. It is recommended that the vulcanization, plasticization and bonding be tested, and the actual parameters are obtained. .