What Is The Big Dip Belt?

- Jul 11, 2018-

The large dip is a conveyor belt that transports vertically at a large angle.

In the large dip belt, it has a large conveying capacity, and the floor space is small, and the maintenance is also simpler, and the large inclination belt is more applicable, and can transport the powder and the bulk material. At the same time, the large angle belt has a higher cleaning effect and a more stable operation, and the lower noise does not pollute the environment.

The large angled belt adopts a fully enclosed structure (including a falling hopper), and the slag is transported without causing the influence of fly ash on the environment. The entire belt conforms to the seesaw structure of the steel plate of the conveyor, which ensures the overall rigidity of the conveyor belt, and does not require the truss and the auxiliary support frame. At the same time, as a part of the closed structure, the shape is simple and elegant.

After the installation of the large angled belt, in order to ensure the installation accuracy, and to achieve the best parallelism between the rollers, to ensure that the belt does not run off, the belt life is higher for the installer.