What Is The Framework Material Of PU Conveyor Belt

- Dec 20, 2017-

The role of the skeleton material is to withstand the internal and external rubber products
External forces, increase the strength of rubber products, and limit their changes
Shape. It largely determines the use of rubber products
Ability, service life and use value. The skeleton material is made of textile fiber
(including natural fiber and chemical fiber), steel wire, glass fiber, etc
Work is made.
Developed countries for fabric core and wire rope core conveyor belt
The cotton canvas conveyor belt of the home has been eliminated, chemical fiber canvas conveyor belt already
It is gradually replaced by a straight straightening fabric core conveyor with excellent strength performance
For the generation, the fabric core conveyor belt output has been transported
10 % ~ 20 % of total output; High strength (fracture strength is not low
In 2000kN/m, the conveyor belt adopts the wire rope core structure, steel wire
The core conveyor belt production is about 25% of the total output of the conveyor belt. by
The influence of traditional factors, China cotton canvas conveyor belt production still represents the loss
The total output is about 25 %, and the steel wire rope core conveyor belt production
Only 15% of the research is still in the belt
The initial stage [2].
At present, the world advanced tape production technology is the European, the United States, Japan
Industrial groups in other countries and regions have a monopoly. Among them, North America
There are nine companies producing conveyor belts, and Europe (except Russia) has 40
Of the home. In recent years, the production capacity of most industrialized countries
Asia has become the world's industrial hotspot. It is known as the world
World factory. China's efforts to expand domestic demand and stimulate economic growth are special
It is to increase investment in water conservancy, agriculture, energy and urban infrastructure
The macro-control policy has driven the economic growth of the transport industry. At the same time
China's coal, metallurgy, electricity and ports are in good condition.