What Industry Will Use More Conveyor Belts

- Dec 07, 2018-

First, the most basic items assembly, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation, etc., this situation is widely used in electronics, home appliances, electrical appliances, tobacco, machinery, injection molding, food and other industries. The required conveyor belts can be used in different ways, such as normal continuous operation, tactile operation, and variable speed operation. This is commonly referred to in the industry as belt lines, assembly lines, conveyors, conveyor lines, and the like.


Second, the conveyor belt can transport a variety of materials, such as various bulk materials, cartons, and can also transport a single piece of goods such as packaging bags, the use of goods can be said to be very extensive.


Third, in addition to the above functions, there are various structures for the light conveyor belt, and additional accessories such as push plates, side baffles, and skirts can be added to the conveyor belt to meet various process requirement