What Are The Requirements For Roller Assembly Technology?

- Jul 04, 2018-

1. All kinds of parts and components must be inspected before they can be assembled.

Second, the roller must be cleaned before entering the assembly.

3. When welding the bearing housing, the positioning is required to be accurate, the welding surface is smooth, and there are no welding defects such as through welding and interlayer;

When using cast iron housings, it is required to cooperate with the pipe body without any looseness.

4. When the labyrinth seal is used, the inner and outer seals are respectively loaded into the rollers to avoid sealing deformation and affect performance.

5. Lithium-based lubricating esters occupying 2/3 of the gap between the inner and outer seals of the bearing should be added.

Sixth, the bearing installation direction shall be such that the nylon cage opening is outward, and the bearing should be kept properly after loading the roller.

To the play, not to crush. Each piece of the roller is flexible and can be transferred to the next process.