What Is The Hazard Of The Belt Conveyor Idler?

- Sep 18, 2018-

The criteria for judging the quality of the roller are as follows: the radial runout of the idler; the flexibility of the idler; the axial turbulence.

Main classification

1. According to the material, it is divided into rubber roller, ceramic roller, nylon roller and insulated roller.

2. There are mainly grooved roller sets, various types of parallel roller sets, various types of self-aligning roller sets, and various types of buffer roller sets.

(1) The trough-shaped idler has a common type of idler, a forward-tilt type idler, a quick-change type bearing type idler, a hanging type idler, a three-chain idler, a reversible idler, a variable-angle angle type idler, and a transition type. Roller, V-roller, etc.;

(2) Parallel idlers include ordinary type idlers, comb type idlers, forward-tilt type idlers, steel-type idlers, spiral idlers, etc.;

(3) The self-aligning roller has a universal type, a friction reversible type idler, a strong type idler, a cone idler, a spiral type idler, a combined type idler, and the like;

(4) The buffer roller has a spring plate type idler, a buffer ring type idler, a strong buffer type idler, an adjustable elastic type idler, a hanging type idler, and the like;