What Are The Factors That Tend To Slip In The Conveyor Belt?

- Aug 10, 2017-

The physical properties of the conveyor belt vary, but in the usual use, the roller conveyor belt problems are also many. Often encountered a problem is easy to slip, conveyor belt slip what is the reason, which involves the knowledge of friction. We know that the conveyor belt in the normal rolling time, the speed of the belt is generally not less than the roller speed of 95 percent. If the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt is not sufficient to maintain balance, the conveyor belt will be out of the roller and slide, which is the so-called conveyor belt slip. Some people want to ask, how the roller and the friction between the conveyor belt is so small enough to support the power of it, which involves a lot of factors.

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that cause the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller are not enough. Some of these factors are mainly that the tension is not enough, some of which is insufficient load start, and some of the roller surface friction coefficient is too small. Such as the frequent use of the roller, waiting for a long time, inside the friction coefficient becomes larger, become smooth, but also an important performance of the conveyor belt slip. If you look carefully, first look at why the conveyor belt and the roller between the tension is not enough? For example, the tightness of the two is too small, can not form an effective combination.

Engineering work, the conveyor belt to bear the transmission force is too large, heavy weight of the object is too full, if the length of the conveyor belt is one of the major reasons. The friction coefficient between the roller and the conveyor belt is not enough for other reasons, such as roller surface friction and wear serious, conveyor belt with some wet or oily liquid, these materials stick to the surface of the body is one of the difficulties.