What Are The Advantages Of Machined Screw For Belt Conveyor Equipment?

- Jun 21, 2019-

The screw produced by the machining process of the belt conveying machine has a simple turning tool bar milling cutter compared with the conventional screw manufacturing process, which is many times higher than the cutting screw processed by the forming tool; The processing screw uses a standard tool. Under the numerical control of the program, it can realize the processing of different screw profiles. It is convenient to change the screw specifications, the processing flexibility is good, the tool specifications are small; the machining precision of the machining surface is very high. , has a good performance.

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    The advantage of the screw of the belt conveying mechanism machining method is that only one side is machined at a time, the bending moment of the tool shaft is relatively small, the deformation rate of the tool shaft is relatively low, and the precision of the screw is made. Very high. The tool can be re-used after it has worn out. This processing method is a new generation of today's processing methods based on numerical control, computer, detection and other technologies. With the flexibility of CNC machining program and tool, various types and sizes of screws can be manufactured, which can be applied to A variety of large-volume production. Even if the machining screw is in the process of manufacturing, there will inevitably be certain errors, such as tooth shape error, geometric size error, drive chain error and mechanical system error, etc. The machining screw is in use, the screw The deformation in the groove engages the top of the cloud, so that the screw and other fittings can also have good gap-free meshing, eliminating the error of the screw itself. Therefore, the complete envelope surface of the spiral groove surface of the machined screw is working. The precision of the surface is relatively high, and the profile is more accurate, which can effectively mesh with the spiral groove surface of the screw, which reduces the wear between the screw and the fitting, thereby prolonging the service life of the machining screw. Effectively improve the performance of the machining screw.

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