Treadmill Belt Performance

- Feb 04, 2019-

Treadmills have become more and more widely used in ordinary families, becoming the best choice for most people who want to exercise but don't have too much time to do outdoor activities. Running is almost the simplest and most common in all life. The effective way of exercising is accepted by most people. Then the treadmill is a very important part in addition to the motor and control program.

       The Chinese name running belt is a part of the treadmill. The common running belt is the diamond pattern and the ice pattern. The purpose of adding the pattern is to increase the friction of the running belt to ensure the smoothness of the running belt interface and keep the minimum noise. The common problems are slipping and offset.


Running belt pattern

       The layer of PVC on the surface of the running belt is also plastic. There are various patterns. The diamond pattern and the ice pattern (also called the grass pattern) are common. The purpose is to make the concave and convex feeling to increase the friction, so that the athlete is not easy during the running. Wrestling, so choose which pattern to look at the buyer's personal habits. Generally speaking, the diamond pattern has a large frictional force, which is suitable for the comprehensive footwear, the friction of the ice pattern is small, and the running shoes with large grip and softness are required, but the diamond pattern is not easy to clean, and the ice pattern (also called grass pattern) Good finishing.

       Running belt interface

       We see that the running belt of the treadmill generally has a flat and serrated interface, but the most important technical point combined with the roller is the gluing technology to ensure that the interface is smooth, so that the running of the belt will keep the minimum noise and make the running quieter.


Running belt thickness

       The running belt is divided into different specifications, ranging from 1.6mm to 4.0mm. Generally, there are various thickness gauges in the country. Some manufacturers emphasize the extra-thickness and soft comfort. If the horsepower and the roller are not properly matched, it is inevitable. It imposes an excessive load on the motor and reduces the service life. In Europe and the United States, more emphasis is placed on direct ground running, and more ice patterns (also called grass patterns) are used. When using a treadmill, appropriate running shoes are worn to increase comfort and avoid unnecessary sports injuries. Therefore, when the manufacturer designs the running belt, it will make the best combination of usability, practicability and durability.


Running belt structure

       The running belt is composed of the top layer of PVC rubber, the middle layer of polyester mesh, and the lowermost warp and weft. The uppermost rubber increases friction, the warp and weft on the back reduces friction, and the two layers of material are well joined. One of the keys to running a high quality, polyester mesh (grid nylon) is the best medium. The warp and weft yarns are mainly mesh nylon fabrics, which can effectively prevent the running belt from being deformed, prolong the service life of the running belt, increase the wear resistance of the running belt bottom layer, and reduce the friction very well and improve the electrical conductivity of the running belt. Protect the health of users and equipment.

Running belt FAQ


       One is that the belt may be too loose, the rear roller balance screw needs to be adjusted, and the second is that it may slip even if it is too oily.


       First, the conduction belt itself may not be adjusted well. Second, it may be because many people have problems with the weight of the left and right feet during exercise. The running belt will naturally shift to the side of the foot.


       You can use the supplied wrench to try the adjustment according to the instructions. If the belt is offset to the right, you can use the Allen key to turn the screw in the right rear cover clockwise by a quarter to see if the belt is in place. , continue to fine-tune.