Timing Pulleys Often Make Noise

- Jul 15, 2019-

In recent years, the industrial production system has developed to the present, and has gradually matured. Various types of applied machinery and equipment have been able to achieve integrated operation, so Samsung belt machinery and equipment can only be more and more.

Synchronous pulleys are the necessary transmission equipment for all kinds of mechanical equipment. With the skyrocketing market demand, more problems will occur in the application process. The noise pollution of the synchronous pulley is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Compared with the general equipment, it is only necessary to start from the sound source in the synchronous pulley application part. Since the type and size of the timing pulley are different on the transmission equipment, in order to avoid excessive friction and noise, It is necessary to select a high precision timing belt wheel product, and also meet the corresponding production standards in terms of design specifications.

Timing pulleys often link the timing belt in the transmission, so the tension coefficient must be high. If the tension does not meet the strength requirements of the transmission, and the tension will be generated, the noise source will be generated. It is very important to take this step. The noise of the synchronous pulley can not be removed. It is necessary to install the soundproof cover.

Synchronous wheel timing belt