There Are Several Factors In The Quality Of The Conveyor Belt:

- Jul 18, 2018-

First, the scale of the factory

It depends on the production scale of the conveyor belt manufacturer and the use of the equipment: Generally speaking, the production scale of the manufacturer and the use of the equipment can determine the quality of the conveyor belt manufacturer, there is no business license, and the production equipment is relatively aging. The absolute product produced is absolutely no product, not accurate product, so such manufacturers can not choose, we must choose a business license, advanced equipment conveyor manufacturers, the quality is more secure.

Second, look at the quality of the belt

Pressure bearing:

Since it is necessary to transport large quantities of material products, it is naturally stronger in terms of relevant pressure bearing capacity, otherwise it is difficult to meet the relevant production needs.

Heat resistance:

In many industrial processing steps, we need to cool or heat the raw materials or semi-finished products. If the conveyor belt used does not have good high temperature resistance, then in practical applications, it is naturally impossible to We bring relevant production assistance.

Corrosion resistance:

Since it is to be used for the cooling or heat treatment of raw materials, for some chemical industry production activities, it will inevitably involve a lot of products containing certain corrosive products, so the conveyor belt must also have good Corrosion resistance so that we can better use it for us.