The Conveyor Belt Is Formulated With A High-purity Formula!

- Sep 19, 2018-

The formula of the conveyor belt determines the quality of the final conveyor belt. For example, adding other ingredients in the formula to reduce the concentration of the raw materials can reduce the production cost. This is why some customers on the market come to inquire and say that our products are expensive, there is no certain A certain price is cheap, in fact, although our products are slightly more expensive than other homes in the same industry, Mingcheng Transmission will not lower our own product requirements for the sake of a family.

       Mingcheng Transmission is a dark horse that has emerged in the conveyor belt industry in recent years. The company Yuming Mingcheng Transmission has started this brand in China, so all our products are produced in strict accordance with the standards, and even exceed the standards of some domestic products. In the context of the financial crisis and the bad market environment, Mingcheng continues to expand production scale and purchase advanced production and processing equipment. We have this strength and confidence. Mingcheng is also stepping forward in the next step of customer support and trust. Only the customer's satisfaction is our greatest motivation, Mingcheng promise: faster and better delivery of the goods to the customer, so that customers are satisfied.

Transparent conveyor belt raw material particles

Blue conveyor belt raw material pellet

The corner of the raw material storage!