The Company Was Invited To Participate In The 2019 Ukrainian International Logistics And Transportation Equipment Exhibition

- Jul 08, 2019-

Ukraine International Logistics Exhibition

Known as the "European granary", Ukraine is the world's third-largest food importer. It is located in eastern Europe, bordering Russia in the east, bordering Belarus in the north, and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Connected is the intersection of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, especially with Russia's geopolitics.


Odessa National Theatre

Odessa is located in the south of Ukraine, 30 kilometers northeast of the mouth of the Dniester River into the Black Sea. It is the second largest city in Ukraine and one of the mechanical manufacturing centers of the former Soviet Union. The city has machinery manufacturing, petroleum processing, wood processing, building materials industry, chemical industry, food industry and light industry. It mainly produces machinery, chemical machinery and food industry, producing machine tools, agricultural machinery, ships, cranes, film projectors, fertilizers, fuels, Petroleum products and canned foods, etc.

In this way, there are only a total of more than 42.4 million people in the country, and the organizers have many international famous exhibition conferences, including the 2019 Ukrainian International Logistics reported at the Odessa International Exhibition Center from May 29 to May 31 this year. And the transportation equipment exhibition, our company (Xiamen Heyi Industrial Belt Co., Ltd.) was fortunate to be invited to participate.

In this exhibition, our company's booth deeply grasped the eyeballs of the same industry at home and abroad. The food conveyor belt, the skirting baffle conveyor belt, the timing belt and the synchronous belt pulley were all consulted by the visitors. As one of the main products of our company, food conveyor belt has been used in industries such as vegetables, snack foods, seafood and aquatic products.

Food conveyor belt

Skirt baffle conveyor belt

Timing belt


Xiamen Heyi Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial belt supplier integrating development, research, production, processing and sales. The main products include synchronous belt, synchronous toothed belt, nylon base belt, multi-ribbed belt, textile ingot belt and PVC. Conveyor belts, narrow V belts, timing belt pulleys and various special industrial belts. The company combines years of experience in industrial belt production and service, and cooperates closely with relevant domestic manufacturers to develop a wide range of special industrial belts. The products are widely used in machinery, textile, printing, woodworking, ceramics, food, electronics, logistics, steel. In the production and service areas, and exported to Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar and other countries, the customer has been well received.

The company is also an authorized distributor of India's "SIMTA" drive belt, "SIMTA" belt authorized dealer, and agent of famous industrial belts from the United States (gates), Switzerland (habasit), Japan (BANDO), the United Kingdom (PIX) and other countries. Distribution. The company has accumulated rich experience in production, sales and supporting of industrial belts, and has technical support from foreign power brands. It can provide customers with industrial belts of any purpose and specifications, which greatly meets the needs of users for all-weather transmission and transportation.

XINBEX advocates the business philosophy of “Xinyi Moral Quality Service”. The company strives to meet the ever-changing customer needs through rapid and rapid response with rich professional knowledge.

This time, our company participated in the 2019 Ukrainian International Logistics and Transportation Equipment Exhibition, which means that Jinan An Nai Special Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. officially approached the international business and gradually integrated with the world industrial transportation.