The Advantage Of Light Conveyor Belt

- Mar 23, 2018-

Light conveyor belt can be used for many industries, like food processing, electronics industry, machinery design, logistics, printing, wood, tobacco and so on.


Light conveyor belt normally made of PVC, PU, SILICONE, TEFLON etc which non-toxic and tasteless, comparing with heavy conveyor belt which made of rubber with bad smell and easy to produce some toxic gas, its more suitable for conveying mining, sandy etc.


Light conveyor belt can make many different patterns, have rough top, diamond, saw tooth, textured, square etc which depends on the different working environment. But heavy conveyor belt not, there are mainly some patterns like chevron, rough top and plain, mostly use for outdoor working like rock blasting.


Light conveyor belt includes so many thickness from 0.1mm to 120mm which relay on the different drum diameter on the machine, and heavy conveyor belt normally more than 7mm thickness.


As usually, light conveyor belt use for indoor with room temperature, also can change the formula to meet the cold resistant or heat resistant. The heavy conveyor belt with the standard formula which mostly in outdoor conveying to adapt the bad environment.