Thailand International Exhibition On Construction Machinery, Equipment And Technology

- Jul 23, 2019-

Exhibition time:

September 05, 2019 - September 07, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

An important international concrete technology and construction equipment exhibition in the Asian market

The exhibition radiates throughout Southeast Asia

Venue: Thailand - Bangkok

Exhibition Industry: Construction Machinery

Exhibition size: 375,000 square meters

Organizer: Thailand Construction Machinery Association

XINBEX participated in the mechanical exhibition

exhibition criteria

1. Construction machinery and equipment: pipelines, drainage systems, above-ground water drainage equipment, water pumps; processing equipment and machinery for concrete reinforcement; lifting and conveying equipment; mixing, transportation and conveying machinery and equipment for mortar and concrete; excavators, loading Machines, sorters and bulldozers; quarrying and stone processing facilities and machinery; test equipment and control systems; assembly of drive systems, hydraulic engineering, engineering and building materials machinery and engineering vehicles; equipment and spare parts for engineering building materials machinery and engineering vehicles And replacement parts;

2. Power, power facilities and technology: power stations and facilities; power systems; current distribution systems; generators; lamps and equipment; safety equipment; telecommunications systems and facilities; public health facilities and technologies; solar installations, power lines and cables; Measuring equipment and systems;

3. Building materials: stone, ceramic, glass, brick, steel, non-ferrous metal, wood, ceramic tile, floor and carpet, plaster, wood, oil blanket, velvet, paving material, cement, concrete, paint, lime, wood, Wallpaper and wall panel inlay;

4. Construction hardware: water nozzle, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware hardware fittings, door and window hardware fittings, valves, fasteners, standard parts, nail mesh;

5, air conditioning systems and technologies: water purification equipment; equipment and raw materials; optional heating system; energy-saving system;

6, lighting appliances: lighting, lighting, electrical switches, exhaust fans, power generation pumps, conductive materials;

7. Engineering project machinery and services: undertake construction and road engineering and related machinery.

Conveyor belt factory exhibition site

Exhibition introduction

The annual International Exhibition on Construction Machinery and Technology (CONSTECH) is an international exhibition and conference focusing on construction machinery and technology in Southeast Asia. It is hosted by the Thai Contractors Association and has been awarded by the Thai Ministry of Industry, Thailand. Strong support from the Ministry of Land Planning, the Department of Public Works and Urban and Rural Planning, the Thai Engineering Institute, the Siam Architects Association, the Thai Engineering Consulting Association, and the Thai Construction Equipment and Parts Association, at the same time, won the King of Thailand support.

The Thailand International Construction Machinery and Technology Exhibition is an annual event for the construction industry in Southeast Asia. It provides a platform for companies to showcase new machinery, equipment, tools and technology to the key decision makers in the construction industry. Attracting 215 companies from 13 countries participated in the exhibition. More than 5,989 visitors came to visit and the exhibitors showed new products and technologies.

Thailand International Construction Machinery, Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition is an international concrete technology and construction equipment exhibition focusing on the Asian market, gathering and displaying outstanding suppliers in the industry. It mainly attracts and invites regional buyers and decision makers from the construction and real estate industries, and provides participants with new industry knowledge and business network opportunities to inspire new ways of promoting and sustaining business. The exhibition radiates throughout Southeast Asia, with infrastructure in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries in the development stage. The domestic technology level is weak, and it is more dependent on imports in terms of technology and machinery manufacturing. Thailand can help exhibitors extend trade to these neighboring countries with its superior inland location. There will be two other trade shows related to the construction industry during the exhibition. It is expected that there will be many visitors to visit. Therefore, the exhibition created a rare business opportunity for Chinese companies to explore the international market.

Market analysis

Thailand is one of the founding countries of ASEAN. It is a gateway to the core of Asia. Thailand is currently a global market with large growth rates. The country's trade with China, India and ASEAN countries is very convenient, and it is easy to enter the Greater Mekong region, where emerging markets have enormous commercial potential. As Thailand's infrastructure sector and large public projects continue to grow, demand for residential and other property projects is expected to continue to rise. Sales of excavators, loaders and cranes are expected to continue to accelerate. Investment in urban development is increasing, and the construction market in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors is also growing.

As Thailand's infrastructure sector and large public projects continue to grow, demand for residential and other property projects is expected to continue to rise. Sales of excavators, loaders and cranes are expected to continue to accelerate. According to statistics from the Thai Customs, the import and export volume of Thai goods from January to June 2016 was US$198.23 billion, of which US$1,046.6 million was exported and US$93.56 billion was imported. The trade surplus was US$11.10 billion, an increase of 422.8%. In the month of June, Thailand’s import and export of goods was 34.63 billion US dollars. Among them, exports were 18.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 1.8%; imports were 16.44 billion US dollars. The trade surplus was $1.76 billion. From January to June, the import and export volume of bilateral goods between Thailand and China was US$30.76 billion. Among them, Thailand’s exports to China were US$10.46 billion, accounting for 10.0% of Thailand’s total exports; imports from China were US$2.03 billion, up 4.2%, accounting for 21.7% of Thailand’s total imports. The trade deficit of the Thai side was US$9.84 billion, an increase of 20.4%.