Skirt Conveyor Price Calculation

- Jul 11, 2018-

Skirt conveyor belt, suitable for large angle conveying, featuring small footprint, large conveying capacity and high conveying efficiency. The skirt conveyor belt is suitable for vegetable and fruit transportation in the food industry, bean delivery, etc., powder transportation, block and granular transportation in the industrial industry.

        Before you understand how the skirt conveyor belt is calculated, first understand the composition of the skirt conveyor belt. The skirt conveyor belt is generally composed of a skirt and a base belt. What is the skirt?


First, the concept of skirt

        The main function of the skirt is to block the transport and prevent leakage or scattering during transport or climbing. Ming Cheng skirt is generally white, blue, green, other colors are customized according to customer needs, the structure of the skirt is a cloth and two glue. The processing method is mainly high-temperature machine high-temperature hot-melt base belt and skirt, and the joint is firm and beautiful.

Second, the calculation of the skirt

           The calculation of the skirt is: the price of the skirt = the length of the conveyor belt * 2 (edge) * 3 (pleats) * the height of the skirt * the square price of the skirt.


First, the choice of baseband

        The thickness of the baseband is selected to have the following factors:

        1. The size of the conveyor drum, the smaller the drum, the thinner the thickness of the base belt is selected;

        2. The weight of the conveyed material, the heavier the weight, the thicker the thickness of the selected base tape;

        3. The temperature of the conveyed material, whether it contains oil, affects the material selection of the conveyor belt;

Second, the baseband calculation method

        The baseband is calculated as: length of the conveyor belt * width * squared price of the conveyor belt.

In summary, the price of the skirt conveyor belt = the price of the skirt + the price of the base belt.