PVC & PU Conveyor Belt Manufacturers - XINBEX

- May 03, 2018-

XINBEX Industrial Belt Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the processing of PVC, PU, and PE materials. The main products are: endless conveyor belts, steel buckle conveyor belts, v-guide belt conveyor belts, cleats conveyor belts, punching conveyor belts, edging conveyor belts, sidewall conveyor belts, PU food conveyor belts, and various pattern conveyor belts. High-temperature conveyor belts, etc... can also provide on-site connection of conveyor belts. Products can be widely used in food, electronics, medicine, beverages, paper and other industries, product transportation and product production lines.


As the largest global economy that catches up with Europe and the United States, China ranks first in the world in both productivity and consumer power. In a highly industrialized country, the demand for conveyor belts that are indispensable for mechanized operations in industrial production is also increasing.

In the past few years, the deployment of the national economic strategy has led to the creation of new international economic cooperation corridors such as the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge, China-Mongolia, China-Central Asia-West Asia, and China-Indochina Peninsula, as well as transport infrastructure, trade and investment with countries along the route. Cooperation in areas such as energy cooperation, regional integration, and internationalization of the RMB.


As a manufacturer of conveyor belts, XINBEX believes that in the face of huge business opportunities, the future development path of the conveyor belt industry is bound to become wider and wider, and it will go further and further.