Poland (Poznan) International Machine Tool And Hardware Tools Exhibition

- Jun 25, 2019-

Exhibition time:

June 04, 2019, June 07, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

One of Poland's important industrial trade fairs

Providing a modern technology for the audience interested in the modernization of future production and management

Venue: Poland - Poznan

Exhibition Industry: Industrial Hardware Tools

Exhibition scale: 23,000 square meters

Organizer: Poland Poznan International Exhibition Company

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exhibition criteria

1. International Machine Tool Exhibition: lathe, drilling machine, transportation machinery and power head, grinding machine, tool grinding machine, gear cutting and finishing machine, head planer, forming machine, grinding machine and polishing machine, sheet forming machine, sheet processing unit and system , presses, special application presses.

2. Metallurgical and Foundry Engineering Exhibition: Subcontracting and subcontracting: valves, fasteners, finished metal parts, solid forming, non-cutting technical parts, machine-cut metal parts, auto parts, component assembly and metal structures, tools and moulds , standard parts, molds, auto parts.

3. Materials: steel, aluminum and other metals, ceramics, composite materials and other various industrial materials and compounds.

4, surface treatment technology exhibition: surface technology: cleaning, pretreatment, surface coating, glazing, testing equipment, industrial plasma surface treatment, thermal spraying, microstructure generation, heat treatment; powder coating: powder coating materials, Pretreatment equipment, testing equipment, environmental protection and production safety.

5, welding technology exhibition: welding technology: laser, arc welding, plasma arc welding and surfacing, pressure welding; welding equipment: automatic circumferential seam welding equipment, inverter DC hand arc welding machine, inverter DC argon arc welding machine, Carbon dioxide gas shielded welder; welding material: welding rod, flux, gas.

6, fluid transmission topic: fluid power transmission (hydraulic and pneumatic transmission): hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, cylinder and drive, hydraulic valve, hydraulic battery, hydraulic cycle components and hydraulic system, air motor, voltage transformer, dual fluid actuator , hoses and hoses, seals and accessories.

7. Logistics and transportation exhibition: industrial trucks, lifting devices, cranes, lifting platforms, single-piece/bulk materials continuous material handling operating systems, logistics control systems, operation and storage equipment, driverless transportation systems and related components, accessories and related components Logistics management.

8, hardware tools exhibition: hardware tools: hand tools, power tools, welding tools, gardening tools, auto repair tools, construction tools, riot tools, rigging, daily hardware, construction hardware, etc.; hardware products: bearings, furniture decoration hardware , iron decoration hardware, all kinds of adhesives, seals, all kinds of doors and windows, fasteners, locks, anti-theft and alarm products, security equipment, paints and coatings; mechanical hardware.

Conveyor belts produced by XINBEX participate in the exhibition

Exhibition introduction

The Polish (Poznan) International Machine Tool and Hardware Tools Exhibition is one of the important industrial trade fairs in Poland. The theme is “Industry Innovation, Business Drivers”. This four-day exhibition brings together people from all over the world who have done something in the fields of new technology, metal processing and automated production. Nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 27 The country, with an exhibition area of approximately 23,000 square meters, attracted approximately 17,500 visitors. The show is a showcase of modern technology for audiences interested in the modernization of future production and management.

Exhibitors brought thousands of industrial machines and equipment. What's more, it is encouraging that more and more foreign companies are able to get orders at the show every year at the Poznan International Fair. The Poznań Exhibition and Conference Centre in Poland is a modern, international exhibition centre with over 70 meeting rooms, 16 exhibition halls and a car park for 2,000 cars. Its diverse interior design is ideal for exhibiting a wide range of products and events. The show is conducted in a good business climate and offers business opportunities that enable exhibitors and potential customers to conduct in-depth business discussions.

Industrial conveyor belts produced by XINBEX

Market analysis

Poland is located in the northeastern part of Central Europe. It is strategically located. Poland is located in the center of Europe. It is a land and water and land transportation hub with convenient transportation and can radiate to the East and West Europe and the North and South Europe. Poland is one of the more successful countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Polish government has stimulated economic growth by cutting interest rates, reducing taxes, reducing corporate burdens, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, increasing infrastructure investment, and encouraging exports and investment. Poland’s economy has been Maintaining a high growth trend, the Polish government has taken measures to reduce the burden on enterprises, increase support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and expand investment in infrastructure construction to promote economic growth and employment. The Polish economy has gradually entered another period of rapid growth. After decades of development, China's CNC machine tools have made great progress in terms of product type, technology level, quality and output, and have made major breakthroughs in some key technologies.

According to statistics from the Eurostat, in January-September 2016, the import and export volume of goods between Poland and China was US$12.90 billion, an increase of 6.1%. Among them, Poland's exports to China were 1.40 billion US dollars, accounting for 0.9% of Poland's total exports, basically the same as the same period of last year; Poland imported 11.5 billion US dollars from China, an increase of 7.5%, accounting for 7.9% of Poland's total imports, an increase of 0.6 percentage points. From January to September, the trade deficit between Poland and China was 10.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.3%. China is the source of Poland's large deficit.