Plow Unloading

- Jun 26, 2018-

Plow unloader further overcomes the shortcomings of all old unloaders. Due to the improvement of the installation methods of the front and rear double plows, locking devices, flashlight and mechanical self-locking, it is currently the most domestic Advanced unloading coal separation machinery.

1. The plowshare part is divided into the front plowshare of the front alloy high-chrome rammer or asbestos material, and the rear plowshare of the wear-resistant rubber sheet, so that the unloading is cleaner.

2. The locking device added by the plowshare is a mechanical grab type. The height of the coulter can be adjusted to the best surface close to the belt. When the work is done, the coulter is not lifted or shaken by the medium attack force of the coal. The tape was torn, worn, and leaked coal.

3, the drive part is the latest domestic product flashlight dual-use mechanical electro-hydraulic putter. It overcomes the shortcomings of poor power overload of electric push rod, easy-to-burn motor, stuck-to-die, top bent screw rod, and leakage of common electro-hydraulic push-rods, no self-locking, slipping and crawling. The flashlight dual-purpose electro-hydraulic pusher has the advantages of absolute self-locking, no internal and external leakage, great overload capacity, and stable operation.

4. The installation method is divided into three types: A, B, and C. The electro-hydraulic push rod can be placed on the upper part of the coal distributor and installed vertically. There are three selection methods on both sides of the tape, which is extremely convenient for customers.

5. The lock plate of the gas locker is made of high-manganese chromium wear-resistant material, which has extended the service life of 20 years and reduced the maintenance volume.

6. Use of air-locked parts: (1) Make the materials evenly distributed, prevent running deviations, sticking materials, and spreading materials along the way. (2) Reduce the induced blast, making it slow down to less than the original 10%. (3) It is suitable for conveying adhesive material, wet material, large material, powder material and preventing sticking