Nairobi International Plastics And Rubber Industry Exhibition (KENYA PLAST)

- Jul 02, 2019-

Exhibition time:

June 07, 2018 - June 09, 2018

Highlights of the exhibition:

Africa's major event in the plastics and rubber industry

Venue: Kenya - Nairobi

Exhibition industry: rubber

Exhibition scale: 25,000 square meters

Organiser: Enterprising Fairs (India) Pvt. Ltd.

XINBEX participated in the rubber exhibition

exhibition criteria

Raw materials, polymers and resins, semi-finished products, mixtures and alloys and composites, special chemicals, plastic masterbatch, additives, plastic colorants, fillers and reinforcements, processing machinery - extrusion, extrusion molding, moulds, conversion equipment -Printing, decoration, slitting and rewinding, film/bag making, auxiliary equipment - surface treatment / dryer / scraper / mixing mixer / conveyor belt and plastic feeder, test equipment / software solutions, recycling plant And auxiliary equipment, promotion of plastic cultivation, training institutions/publishers, etc.

Exhibition introduction

KENYA PLAST, Kenya, is a major event in Africa for the plastics and rubber industry. It is co-sponsored by KMG and Enterprising Fairs, the organizer of India Plastics, Indiaplast. The two organizers have extensive experience in organizing exhibitions. In particular, the machinery category has long enjoyed a good reputation. At that time, importers, traders, distributors and agents from the local and Eastern, Central and Western African countries will be invited to visit and purchase. The three-day exhibition will showcase new modern plastic rubber machinery and professional technical services, which will attract the leaders of the global plastic rubber packaging industry.

Market analysis

In emerging markets in Africa, the organizers and local associations have strong support. The organizers and the local plastics associations jointly cooperate with the exhibitors to make trade matches before the exhibition. Local exhibitions before the exhibition will be used for exhibitors at the exhibition level. Free use of electricity and gas, only for exhibitors with equipment.

Rubber conveyor belt participates in the exhibition

Unique geographical advantages: Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. It is an important supply center for commodities in East Africa and a major re-export area for imports from countries in Central Africa and South Africa.

The radiation surface is large, and the transit trade market has a strong advantage: Kenya is a country with a relatively good economic base in sub-Saharan Africa. The political and economic situation is relatively stable. Kenya has a population of about 45 million, and its products are exported to meet the needs of more than 100 million consumers in East Africa. In other words, Kenya is the largest trade re-export country in Africa. Therefore, exporting products to Kenya opens up not only the Kenyan market but the entire African market. Kenya's superior geographical conditions make it a trade gateway for imported goods from the Central African region, the Indian subcontinent and Europe and Asia. It is one of the most promising markets in the African continent.

Political and economic stability, the government implemented a series of economic liberalization measures, such as the abolition of import restrictions and import licenses, reducing import tariffs and foreign exchange controls, have greatly enhanced Kenya's purchasing power.

The plastics market is in great demand. The capital Nairobi is the commercial, economic, trade and financial center and transportation hub of East Africa. It is known as the small Paris of Africa. At present, there are more than 100 plastics and rubber industrial enterprises in Kenya with an annual production capacity of nearly 10,000 tons, most of which are located in Nairobi and Mombasa. The plastics industry sector benefits from increased demand and combines new technological changes in plastic products produced by manufacturing industries. The overall result is a continued increase in the output of the plastics industry and a huge demand for the rapid growth of plastic products.