Munich International Sporting Goods And Sports Fashion Expo (ISPO)

- Feb 21, 2019-

Exhibition time:

February 03, 2019 - February 06, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

World-renowned sports goods and fashion fair

Founded in 1970, ispo has maintained a good upward trend for more than 40 years.

Representing the new trend of today's world sports products

Venue: Germany - Munich

Exhibition industry: outdoor products, sporting goods

Exhibition scale: more than 100,000 square meters

Organizer: Munich Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Exhibition introduction

The Munich International Sportswear and Sports Fashion Expo (ispo) was founded in 1970. As a world-renowned sporting goods and fashion fair, ispo has maintained a good upward trend for more than 40 years.

The exhibition of the winter sports show of the Munich Sporting Goods and Sports Fashion Expo (ispo) includes all kinds of products and related industries related to sporting goods. Each exhibition is exhibited by several different “exhibition area” branches. Focus on display and highlight the theme. The products on display at the exhibition will represent the new trend of today's world sports products.

The ISPO MUNICH in Germany once again confirms its high standard: the exhibition hall area is reserved by 2,344 exhibitors from 51 countries around the world. In addition to Germany, the Italian, Austrian, Swiss, French and British delegations have a large audience, and the growth rate of visitors from China is about 28%.

Mr. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, is particularly pleased with the increase in the number of visitors from emerging markets. “The number of visitors from the Russian Federation, the United States, Turkey, Canada and China has grown rapidly. This fully demonstrates the ISPO MUNICH pair. The importance of opening up emerging markets.” At the same time, the exhibition once again reflects its highly international characteristics: 65% of the audience and 83% of exhibitors are from countries outside Germany.

The world's largest professional sporting goods fair, ISPO MUNICH, attracted more than 80,000 spectators from 110 countries. Overseas visitors accounted for 66% of the total, mainly from Italy, Austria, France and the United Kingdom. The number of visitors from other countries has also increased significantly, such as the United States, Russia and so on. Nearly 75% of the audience rated the show as “Great!”, while another 24% of the audience said “very good”.



exhibition criteria

1, backpack: travel bag, travel canvas backpack, off-road canvas backpack, hiking outdoor bag, etc.;

2, sports and leisure shoes: jogging shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers, outdoor hiking shoes, water-skiing shoes, etc.;

3, sports and leisure clothing: jackets, mountaineering suits, down jackets, bicycle suits, ski suits, etc.;

4, all kinds of sports and fitness equipment: telescopes, bicycles, outdoor glasses, treadmill belts, ball supplies, etc.;

5, all kinds of outdoor sports goods: sleeping bags, hammocks, tents and so on.

Our company mainly promotes treadmill belts and sports machinery belts.

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