Moscow International Clothing, Textile Fabrics And Home Textiles Exhibition, Russia

- Feb 26, 2019-

Venue: Russia - Moscow

Exhibition industry: Textile products Fabric accessories Clothing and apparel

Exhibition scale: 65,000 square meters

Organizer: Russian Textile Industry Group, Russian Light Industry Group


exhibition criteria

1. Suede area: suede clothing, leather clothing, suede hat, suede scarf, suede shawl, leather jewelry;

2, ready-to-wear area: men's wear, women's wear, casual wear, evening wear, windbreaker, cotton coat, Ni overcome, suit, shirt, down jacket, short coat, denim, skirt, small shirt, etc.;

3, clothing fabric accessories area: all kinds of cotton, linen, silk woven fabrics, buttons, zippers and other clothing accessories;

4, home textile fabric area: all kinds of cotton, wool, silk, linen material; chemical fiber, synthetic fabric; imitation leather, non-woven fabric, yarn, etc.;

5, home textile area: bed linen, quilt cover, cushions, curtains, towels, blankets, bath towels, pillows and other household textiles;

6, underwear area: all kinds of men's underwear, women's underwear, pajamas, household casual wear, swimwear, bathrobes, beachwear, etc.;

7. Knitting area: knitted garments, sweaters, sweaters, knitted gloves, knitted accessories;

8. Children's wear area: children's clothing, infant clothing, children's toys and their supplies;

9. Semi-finished leather products: all kinds of leather bags, bags, shoe molds, soles, belts, luggage fabrics, leather care and equipment, all kinds of hats, etc.;

10. All kinds of light textile equipment: fabric processing equipment, spinning machines, weaving machines, knitting socks production equipment, etc.


Exhibition introduction

Russia's Moscow International Fashion, Textile Fabrics and Home Textiles Exhibition (TEXTILE GPROM) is a Russian trade and large-scale trade show, as well as a large international textile and clothing exhibition in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe.

Russia International Fashion, Textile Fabrics and Home Textiles Exhibition is organized by Textilexpo on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. It is a large-scale textile professional exhibition in Eastern Europe. It is held twice a year in spring and autumn. The total area of autumn exhibitions exceeds 65,000 square meters, and the total number of exhibitors is more than 3,400. 20% of the exhibitors are from Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, India, China, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Poland, Romania. More than 20 countries and regions including Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland and South Korea. More than 34,400 merchants were received. The exhibits involved in many fields such as clothing, fabrics, home textiles and textile equipment.

This display has become an important channel for more than 100,000 buyers in Eastern Europe and even Europe to concentrate on purchasing and understanding the market. By participating in the exhibition, enterprises will play an important role in promoting the expansion of the Eastern European market and increasing the international market share. In order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between textile and garment enterprises in various countries, the organizers will also hold a variety of activities such as special lectures, trade seminars, product exhibitions and new fashion conferences.


Market analysis

At present, the restrictions on the export of Chinese textiles by the international community, especially Europe and the United States, have intensified. This makes it very important to open up the Russian market. Under the situation that all major textile countries in the world are actively occupying the Russian market, China, as a country with greater advantages in textiles and clothing trade, should not and must not miss the opportunity. While improving product quality and grade, we should closely monitor the new trends in the European apparel market, strengthen information collection and research, analyze market trends in a timely manner, and strive to catch up with the changing trend of the Russian clothing market.

Russia is a huge consumer market for light industrial textile products. Due to the economic development pattern of heavy industry and neglect of light industry formed during the period of the former Soviet Union, the development of Russian light industry has long been backward; its textile industry production has also been relatively backward. In recent years, with the improvement of Russia's economic situation and the continuous improvement of residents' income, the demand for textiles in the Russian market is growing stronger, the gap between domestic supply and demand is increasing, and imports are more dependent, except for cotton and pure wool fabrics and some industrial textiles. In addition, silk textiles, artificial silk, curtain fabrics and other daily textiles mainly rely on the trade of "reverse" from China, Southeast Asia and Turkey.

Over the years, Sino-Russian textile trade has developed from the initial private trade to a key trade area actively supported and vigorously developed by the two governments. Its scale and grade are constantly escalating. China's exports of textiles and clothing to Russia are also constantly being low-end. In the direction of high-end and brand, the image of Chinese products in the hearts of Russian consumers continues to improve, and the textile procurement market in Russia and Eastern Europe will be more closely linked to the Chinese production market. Sino-Russian trade will enter a new era of rapid development. This exhibition will build a compelling platform for the majority of SMEs and lay a good foundation for entering the vast Russian market.


Our main exhibition is the spindle belt for textile machines.