Malaysia International Machinery & Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

- Jul 26, 2019-

Exhibition time:

August 22, 2019, August 24, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

Designed to create a grand event in Malaysia's industrial production sector

Venue: Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Exhibition Industry: Industrial Electromechanical

Exhibition size:-

Organizer: Fairs & Events Management SDN BHD

XINBEX International Machinery Exhibition

exhibition criteria

I. Machine tools and metal processing (i-METAL)

Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, other machine tools, laser equipment, welding equipment, electrical discharge machining, 3D printing, CAD/CAM, cutting tools, drilling fixtures, abrasives, machine tool accessories, molds, measuring and testing equipment.

Second, robotics and industrial automation (i-ROBOT)

Industrial Automation: Electric Drives: General Industrial Motors, Special Industrial Motors, Servo Motors, General Purpose Small Motors, Specially Designed Small Motors, Variable Frequency, Converter Devices and Components, Electric Drive Control Systems, Electric Drive Governors, Electromagnetic Equipment, Magnets , electric motor components, etc.;

Electrical Engineering: Control Technology, Measurement Technology, Regulator Technology, Industrial Computers, Network/Industrial Communications, Radio Automation, Embedded Systems, Sensor Systems, Industrial Image Processing, Inspection Equipment;

Mechanical engineering: automotive, aircraft, marine, high-end machinery manufacturing, robotic arm, intelligent production, assembly equipment and technology;

Automated Instrumentation / Industrial Robot / Service Robot

Third, industrial parts (i-PARTS)

Mechanical transmission: bearings, gears and gears, smooth function gearing, steering system and steering shaft, infinitely adjustable gear transmission (infinitely variable gear transmission), other gear transmissions; rolling bearings, plain bearings and other bearings and Accessories; linear drives, linear guides, couplings, brakes and brakes (brake) systems; belt drive and chain drive systems, lubricants, electric drive systems and motor protection equipment.

Fluid power transmission (hydraulic and pneumatic transmission): hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, hydraulic batteries, hydraulic circulation components and hydraulic systems, test stands, hydraulic systems, industrial liquids (hydraulic oil), filters, hoses and soft Connecting pipe, centralized lubrication system and lubrication pump; air motor, cylinder, pneumatic valve, solenoid valve; air pressure adjusting device, integral air pressure control device, voltage transformer, dual fluid actuator, pressure switch (pressure relay), sealing device and accessories Wait.

Industrial parts and sub-contracting technology: Subcontracting and sub-contracting: casting and forging, stamping parts, fasteners, standard parts, molds, finished metal parts, solid forming, non-cutting technical parts, machine cutting metal parts, auto parts, parts Assembly and metal structures, rigging, hardware, plastic parts and rubber processing parts, other mechanical parts, etc.;

Industrial materials: steel, rare metals, rubber, plastics, industrial ceramics, poly materials, composite materials and other various industrial materials and compounds.

Fourth, pipe, wire (i-WIRE & i-TUBE)


5. Energy (i-ENERGY)

Energy technology: power generation equipment, power stations, hotspot joint systems, various types of motors and power generation units, power distribution, energy conversion and storage, energy transmission, control equipment, frequency converters, meters, protection systems, housing supply, building system technology , electricity, gas, water network equipment, energy infrastructure

Renewable energy: solar energy, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy, project planning and service hydrogen energy and fuel cells

Energy services and supplies: electricity, gas, water supply, energy trade, energy management, energy software, energy consulting, electronic trading, business services, energy related services, waste disposal services, radiology trade.

6. New energy vehicles and accessories (i-ECAR)

New energy vehicles: electric power vehicles, electric power buses, electric power motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles for transportation and storage, electric power trucks, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, alcohol fuel vehicles, hydrogen storage Energy battery

Electric vehicle: electric two-wheeled vehicle;

Power and energy storage: lithium battery, lead acid, battery system, fuel cell system, capacitors, etc.;

Energy and infrastructure: electricity and hybrid energy supply, energy infrastructure and networks, energy management, mobile models, change models, telecommunications, information technology, etc.;

Drive and engine technology: general electric energy engine, wheel hub engine, electronic control technology, magnetic materials, etc.

Engineering and subcontracting: automotive manufacturing, components, control systems, power supply security, electronic originals, etc.

Exhibition introduction

The Malaysia International Machinery & Smart Manufacturing Exhibition was hosted by Fairs & Events Management SDN BHD and was first held in 2018. The exhibition covers all areas of manufacturing and trade in machine tools and metalworking, robotics and industrial automation, industrial parts, energy, pipe and wire, logistics, new energy vehicles, etc., aiming to create the first event in Malaysia's industrial production and intelligent manufacturing. . The exhibition was supported by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Malaysian Foreign Trade Association and the Malaysian Machinery Chamber of Commerce. During the exhibition, a series of high-level forums for Industry 4.0 will be held, which will attract the attention of exhibitors and visitors from all over Southeast Asia.

Along with the wave of World Industry 4.0, the innovation cycle has become shorter and shorter, and the demand for actual operation and overall solutions has been increasing. The transformation and application of artificial intelligence, automated factories and new energy systems have become the development trend. In order to adapt to this new development situation, this year's Malaysia International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition will focus on “Intelligent Manufacturing – Discovery Solutions”, focusing on the transformation of intelligent, automated factories and energy systems.

Market analysis

First of all, Malaysia is an important entrepot trader with convenient transportation and stable political situation. It plays an important role in Southeast Asia and ASEAN. It is relatively close to West Asia, South Asia and Europe, America and Africa. Second, Malaysia is a newly industrialized country with abundant mineral resources to support its metal processing industry. Since the Malaysian economy is greatly affected by international commodity prices, the government hopes to shift more resources to the manufacturing industry. Finally, Malaysia’s stable economic growth is one of the countries with the strongest economic trends among Southeast Asian countries. The gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate has remained at around 5%.

According to Malaysia's 10th Five-Year Plan for 2010-2016, Malaysia plans to maintain GDP growth rate of 6% in the next five years, and per capita income will rise to US$11,916 by 2017. Malaysia's manufacturing industry is expected to grow by 6%. %, of which the metal processing and machine tool industry is growing at least 20% annually, and the demand for machine tools and mechanical products is gradually increasing.

As an important node country along the Belt and Road, Malaysia has played a decisive role in promoting trade between China and Malaysia. In 2015, the total trade volume between China and Malaysia was US$97.29 billion. In 2016, the bilateral trade volume exceeded US$100 billion. With the signing of a series of cooperation memorandums of understanding between China and Malaysia in recent years, China's investment in Malaysia's manufacturing, service, power, infrastructure and tourism sectors will increase significantly in the next two to three years. Malaysian companies will also More Chinese companies have established close business relationships, and trade and investment between the two sides will increase substantially.

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