Istanbul Eurasia International Industrial Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

- Jun 27, 2019-

Exhibition time:

March 14, 2019, March 17, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

One of the European and Eurasian International Industrial Fairs in Turkey

Nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 31 countries participated in the exhibition.

Venue: Turkey - Istanbul

Exhibition industry: industry

Exhibition scale: 120,000 square meters

Organizer: Hannover Messe GmbH and Hannover Messe (Turkey) Co., Ltd.

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exhibition criteria

1. Fluid power technology: hydraulic technology, hydraulic technology, pneumatic technology, sealing technology, mechanical and packing static sealing technology, and related special equipment and testing instruments;

2. Gear transmission: gears for automobiles, motorcycle gears, engineering construction machinery gears, agricultural machinery gears, aviation, ships, railway locomotives, metallurgy, etc., high-speed heavy-duty gearboxes, cylindrical gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, cycloidal needles Wheel reducer, worm reducer, motor, reducer assembly, gear lubricant, gear processing equipment, gear box machining center and testing center, gear blank processing equipment and all kinds of parts blanking, finishing equipment, etc.;

3, chain drive, belt drive and drive coupling: short pitch precision roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission and transmission, curved roller chain for heavy duty transmission, toothed chain, dish chain , special shaped conveyor chain, sprocket, timing belt, V belt, flat belt, V-ribbed belt, shift belt, belt tensioner, coupling, universal joint, universal joint shaft, cam intermittent device, hydraulic coupling , hydraulic transformers, clutches, expansion joints, adapter sleeves, tension sleeves, guide sleeves, etc., chain-specific manufacturing equipment and assembly machinery;

4. Electric drive: industrial motor, servo motor, general small motor, frequency conversion, converter device and components, electric drive control system, electromagnetic equipment, magnet, electric motor components, etc.;

5, compressed air technology: air compressors, compressor components, compressed air treatment, compressed air storage and distribution, vacuum technology, heat exchangers, etc.;

6. Automated production equipment and technology: industrial production equipment, automation systems, power systems, T industry and software, microelectronics technology, etc.;

7. Energy, electrical and electronic technology, logistics, etc.

Exhibition introduction

Turkey Eurasia International Industrial Exhibition is one of the more important industrial exhibitions in Europe and Asia. The exhibition is divided into two phases each year, with seven major industrial themes.

The first phase of metal processing exhibition, welding exhibition and surface treatment exhibition; the second phase of hydraulic and pneumatic exhibition, industrial automation and parts exhibition, electric energy exhibition and logistics exhibition. Turkey Eurasia International Industrial Exhibition covers an area of more than 120,000 square meters, attracting more than 20 countries from Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, etc. More than 1,386 exhibitors from the region participated.

A total of 77,204 visitors from 71 countries visited the Eurasian International Industrial Exhibition in Turkey. Turkey is located at the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe. It has a unique geographic location and a very large market. It is a bridgehead and an important transit station for entering North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Market analysis

Turkey is located at the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe. It enjoys a unique geographical location and a very large market. It is an important transit point for markets in North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Due to Turkey's superior geographical location and relatively cheap labor costs in China, more and more European companies have set up factories in Turkey. The World Bank ranks it as one of the top 10 emerging market countries in the world, together with Nigeria and Indonesia. It is considered to be the "new three-horse carriage" of the world economy after the "BRICS". China and Turkey will become natural and important partners in building the “Belt and Road”. "Building the "One Belt, One Road" is an inevitable requirement for the realistic development of China-Turkey relations." The two sides plan to achieve a bilateral trade volume of 50 billion U.S. dollars by 2015 and 100 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

1. Turkey is the 16th in the world and the 6th largest economy in Europe

2. Located in the heart of Europe and Asia, it is a bridge between Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

3. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently predicted in the "Vision 2060: Long-term Global Growth Prospects" report that the average growth rate of Turkey from 2011 to 2060 will reach 2.9%, which will be one of the strongest economies in the world.

4. At the beginning of 2016, the Turkish government revised the country's economic growth forecast for 2015, which was increased from 3% predicted in October last year to 4%, citing economic “dynamic energy” and domestic political stability, and also the economic growth in 2016. The forecast is revised from 4% to 4.5%, and the economic growth rate in 2017 and 2018 will reach 5%.

5. Turkey's growth momentum is generally driven by domestic consumption and investment. The total growth of automation industry is estimated to reach US$5 billion.

6. It is the second largest country in Europe with a population of more than 70 million, with an average age of 28.3 years (50% of the age below 30). The proportion of young people is high and domestic demand is strong.

7. In order to meet the strong growth of the industry in the region, the demand for new technologies is strong.

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