Introduction Of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

- Feb 11, 2019-

The steel cord conveyor belt is a traction belt and a carrier member of a belt conveyor with a steel cord liner covering a conveyor belt made of rubber.

Steel cord conveyor belt features: high tensile strength, good impact resistance, long life, small elongation, good groove formation, resistance to flexing

Good performance, suitable for long distance, large fortune, high speed conveying materials. The product is made of core rubber, wire rope, cover and edge

Made of glue.


(1) Fabrication of steel cord conveyor belt joints

        Cut all the leading mesh wires, and scrape off the adhesive on the surface, and use the angle grinder for the steel wire core conveyor belt at the root of the steel wire.

        Draw a slope, about 100mm wide, and then grind 150mm outward along the slope to remove the surface of the original steel cord conveyor belt and roughen it.

        Clean the steel wire and the polished surface with 120# gasoline.

    (2) Laying of steel cord conveyor belt and overlapping of steel wire

First, lay a layer of clean plastic film on the surface of the lower heating plate, and then lay a layer of rubber to make the rubber compound match the slope of the joints at both ends.

       Then, as required, lap the steel wire and apply the glue to ensure that the glue is evenly distributed and evenly distributed. Then put the rubber compound, also make the rubber compound

        It is matched with the inclined surfaces at both ends, and a plastic film is laid on the upper surface to complete the laying of the steel cord conveyor belt joint and the overlapping of the steel wires.

     (3) Installation of vulcanizer

       1 Place the lower frame so that the ends are aligned and the centerline of the frame is aligned with the centerline of the wire rope conveyor. Then place the water pressure

           The plate, the pressure transfer plate, the lower vulcanized plate and the vulcanized plate are placed with the center line of the working surface as the reference, and the steel wire core conveyor belt

          The center line is aligned.

      2 After the glued parts of the steel cord conveyor belt are made according to the process, they are clamped with the retaining iron on both sides of the glued joint.

      3 Place the vulcanized plate, the water pressure plate, and the upper heat insulation plate in turn, and finally place the frame. The center line of the working face is required

         Align with the center line of the steel cord conveyor belt, attach the connecting bolts, and tighten them one by one.

      4 After the vulcanizer is tightened, connect the high-pressure water pipe and the wire plug and the pressure pump respectively.

   (4) Vulcanization operation

      1 After preparation, carefully check each component and confirm that there is no problem, then the vulcanizer can be sent for vulcanization.

      2 The set temperature of the heating power source is 140 to 150°, and when the vulcanization is started, the water pressure is pressurized to 1 Mpa.

  3 When the vulcanization is heated to 100°, the pressurization is continued to 1.4 MPa.

     4 When the temperature rises to 140-145 °, the incubation is started for 20 minutes.

     5 After the heat is reached, the vulcanization is completed. When it is naturally cooled to 60°, the equipment is disassembled to complete the vulcanization of the steel cord conveyor belt.