Introduction Of Characteristics Of Teflon Mesh Belt

- Feb 09, 2019-

The special (iron) fluorocarbon mesh belt is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene (commonly known as plastic king) emulsion and impregnated with high-performance glass fiber mesh. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite new product. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in paper, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel slicing, machinery and other fields.


Teflon mesh belt performance characteristics:

1. It is used for low temperature -70 °C, high temperature 300 °C, weather resistance, anti-aging, after practical application test, Teflon mesh belt is continuously placed for 200 days at 250 °C high temperature, not only the strength is not low, And the weight has not decreased.

2, non-adhesive: Teflon mesh belt is not easy to adhere to any substance. And easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to the surface; almost all adhesive substances such as paste, resin, paint, etc. can be easily removed;


3, resistant to chemical corrosion, can withstand the corrosion of strong acid, alkali and various organic solvents.

4, good dimensional stability (extension coefficient less than 5%), high strength, with good mechanical properties.

5, anti-bending fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter.

6, drug-resistant, non-toxic, almost all pharmaceutical products.

7, fire retardant.


8. Breathability---The air permeability of the conveyor belt, reducing the heat source cost and improving the drying efficiency.

Scope of application: Teflon mesh belt is suitable for flat-drying machine and drying room conveyor belt in printing and dyeing and printing industry; superheater conveyor belt; flocking line conveyor belt; far-infrared dryer conveyor belt; silk screen, electronics, circuit Plate industry drying production line conveyor belt; printing industry UV glazing machine, UV light solid machine conveyor belt; packaging material industry coating machine, gluing machine, compound machine conveyor belt; garment industry shrinking machine conveyor belt; food industry drying Production line conveyor belts, etc.


Teflon mesh belt specifications:

Mesh: 1MM*0.5MM 1MM*1MM 2MM*2.5MM 4MM*4MM 10MM*10MM