Instructions For Storage And Use Of Nylon Base Belt

- Mar 01, 2019-

Nylon base belt drive storage and use instructions

The nylon base belt is made of high-strength nylon base with tensile layer and wear-resistant leather or rubber. It should be noted during storage:

1. When storing, avoid direct sunlight, place it in the dark place as much as possible, half a meter above the ground, and level it in the horizontal direction. It is strictly prohibited to be deformed by extrusion.

2. According to the marked pulley surface, the running direction arrow and the tension mark are installed to ensure the parallelism of the pulley.

3. The standard elongation of the belt is 1.8%. After tensioning for 2-3 minutes, after the tension is evenly distributed, stop and measure the tension, mark whether the original tension range is maintained, and then fill the situation according to the situation.


Tension example:

4. When the drive belt is cross-driven, in order to make the life longer, the rotating body can be inserted at the intersection.

5. The drive belt pull-out device adopts the rotary type to help extend its life. The mobile device should be installed at the position before the belt enters the passive wheel.

6. The transmission belt is resistant to various oils, greases and other general chemicals, but it is not resistant to organic acids, inorganic acids, phenols and alcohols. Please pay attention.

7, the transmission belt is generally used between -10 ° C ~ +60 ° C temperature.

8, see the technical data sheet for more details.