Industrial Belt Knowledge

- Aug 29, 2018-

MITSUBOSHI industrial belts industrial belts, automotive belts and conveyor belts three categories. The first two belong to the belt. Mechanical power transmission belt for the tape, including the Triangle Flat transmission belt and transmission belt (V-type tape). By the rubber and reinforcing materials (such as cotton canvas, rayon, synthetic fibers or steel wire, etc.) composition. To multi-hanging plastic canvas, synthetic fabrics, such as tensile cord and wire layer after lamination by rubber molding, curing and made. And gear drive, chain drive, compared with a tape drive mechanism is simple, low noise and low cost devices, widely used in various power transmission. Circular drive on the machine belt pulley on the two sets of multi-core cable with a leather or rubber, known as the belt.

Belt is the original motivation of rotation of the motor or engine power, transmission through the pulley by the belt to the mechanical device, it is also called the power band. It is the core mechanical and electrical equipment connected components, a wide range of unusual, extremely versatile. From large to thousands of kilowatts of giant motor, small to less than a kilowatt micro-motors, and even home appliances, computers, robotics, precision machinery, including the belt can not be separated. Its biggest feature is the free speed, distance transmission, simple structure, easy to replace. So, from the original machine to have a modern automated equipment belt figure, the evolution of the product several times, technology maturity.

Belt can be divided into belts, timing belts (toothed belt, Timing belt), flat belt (film-based band, hoses), agricultural machine belts, high-speed anti-oil belt, round belt (round belt), flat band, towers with (wide band), transmission belt, motorcycle belt speed, V-belt (V belt), parallel belts, multi-groove belt, hexagonal belt, active band, traction, automotive belts.
 Conveyor belt is widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel industry, transport distance is shorter, smaller throughput applications. Multi-layer belt made of cotton canvas hanging plastic skeleton, covered with good performance of the rubber material, which is made by curing. All must be connected to the conveyor belt into the ring to use, so the conveyor belt joints will have a direct impact on the life and transmission lines smoothly running smoothly. Common methods of general conveyor belt mechanical joint fittings, cold adhesive joints, hot vulcanized joints.