How To Transfer The Conveyor Belt At A 90 Degree Angle And Then Transport It?

- Jul 24, 2019-

Make a turner with a mounting connection.

The structure of the turning belt conveyor has a 30 degree turning belt conveyor, a 45 degree turning belt conveyor, a 90 degree turning belt conveyor, and a 180 degree turning belt conveyor.

  It can meet the process requirements of various turning conveyance. Turning belt conveyor with PVC, PU and other materials, except for general materials

In addition to the transportation, it can also meet the transportation of materials with special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static. Using a dedicated food grade conveyor belt,

Can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. The conveying is stable, there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, and it can avoid

Free of damage to the transport. It is less noisy than other conveyors and is suitable for applications where the working environment is quiet. structure

Simple and easy to maintain; low energy consumption and low cost of use.

PVC belt turning conveyor