How To Reverse Conveyor Belt In Lego Game

- Dec 21, 2018-

The transmission mode is divided into two types: belt transmission and gear transmission. This section mainly learns the gear transmission belt. The following figures are the way of belt transmission and gear transmission.



Learn about the gear transmission application gear transmission belt

Understand motor control application motor control to make electric drive belt

Understand the difference between belt drive and gear drive

activity procedure

1. Ask a question

Conveyor belts can be used in many places, such as at airports, where we can use the belt to transport passengers' luggage to the aircraft, as shown. But how does it work? Why can the drive belt transport the goods and transfer them to the designated area? Why can the goods be transported off the conveyor belt?


2, design and construction

Think about it

Small gears with large gears Large gears with small gears -

A, increase speed, reduce strength

B, increase the power, reduce the speed


Take a look at the pictures below. What is the difference between belt drive and gear drive? What are their characteristics?


*The belt is driven by friction. When the power is too strong, it can be slipped, which can protect the equipment and can be used for long-distance transmission.

*The gear is driven by the extrusion of the teeth and the teeth. The gear transmission can not be slipped to change the direction of transmission. The transmission power is large, and it is not suitable for long-distance transmission.